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How To Find The Perfect Shoe For You

It may seem as it isn't important, but shoes are one of the most important accessories to your outfit. Most people look at your shoes first, or make "shoe contact" before having a conversation, so it is important to make a statement with them. Here are some tips that will help you decide what is the best shoe look for you.

1. Heel Size

Heel size is usually the first feature I will look at in a shoe. The height of the hell can change the look of the shoe entirely. With that being said, heel size is important to consider. It depends on where you are going, what the occasion is, and if you have to walk a lot. Personally, I don't wear heels too much as when I go out, I end up going places where I have to walk a lot.

2. Shape of Toe

The two shapes of toes that are more popular are pointed or rounded. The square toe shoes are coming back in style but is more of a trend and will go out of style again. The shape of your shoe depends on how narrow or wide your feet are. It is important to make sure they are comfortable to wear and walk around in. As well as your personal style, the pointed toe can be edgy and dramatic while the rounded toe is more subtle and for any occasion.

3. Color

Are you looking for something that is more everyday like a neutral color, or something that will stand out more like a pop of color or a pattern? It is important to consider the overall look of the shoe. The overall look defines when, where and how many times you can wear the shoe. For example, you can wear a classic, black heel at a wedding, work, a night out, etc. versus getting an in season edgy look that can only be worn a handful of times.

4. Material

Material of the shoe is always important to consider depending on the type of weather you usually deal with. Personally, it is better to get shoes with leather rather than cloth as they tend to last longer, but if you find shoes that are cloth and are something on your list, you should definitely get them.

I hope this blog post helps you find the perfect shoes for your collection! Add #atouchoflipstick to your posts on Instagram or tag me on your perfect shoe finds!

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