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Shopping In Miami Design District- February 2021

I love going to Miami Design District to shop! The stores are generally well stocked and it is beautiful walking and seeing all of the beautiful pieces of art around.

I first visited the Dior store where I had coffee and dessert at the Dior Cafe. It is great for taking pictures and having some coffee before or after you shop around Design District. It is also great for pictures too!

I looked around and saw some cute things at Dior while I was there, including some things I had on my wishlist. I also added some other items to my wishlist especially for fine jewelry.

I also went to Van Cleef Arpels to check out their Vintage Alhambra collection and decide on if I liked the all gold or mother of pearl options. I ended up falling in love with the mother of pearl necklace and bracelet, and will plan which one I want first for my birthday.

Lastly I went to the Fendi store to look at the blouse I have been wanting for a year now, and definitely know I need it now. I also saw the dress version in black and if you are thinking of these monogram pieces, they are a definitely buy in my opinion.

Have you been to Miami Design District and if so, what stores are your favorite?

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