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First Time in San Francisco Shopping Haul Reveal!

If you looked at my post "2019 wishlist!", you know that I had a plan to buy something Cartier! I have had a few pieces on my mind for a while now, and this year I definitely wanted to start investing in some high end jewelry pieces!

When I went in store, I knew that I wanted to purchase a ring. I was looking at the thicker band, but decided on the thinner one so that I can layer it with different rings. I love how the the thin band looks layered with a diamond band.

My first choice was the Love Collection. I have been wanting something from that collection for years, but could never get myself to save up for the bracelet, and would always buy something else.

While it was hard for me to decide between the white gold and yellow gold, I ended up settling on the yellow gold for me because it was more classic. I generally wear yellow gold, and while I don't mind mixing metals, I ended up loving the yellow gold more.

I had a great experience at the San Francisco location. The customer service at this location was excellent, and the sales associates were pleasant. I was offered coffee and water. Long helped me out while i was in store. She was great and helped me look at some pieces that I have had my eye on for a while. If you are ever in the San Francisco boutique, ask for Long! I'm definitely going to start saving for a bracelet next (or maybe a watch)!

While I went with the intention of buying one thing, but I ended up buying something else as well! I usually try to get one thing per shopping trip as party of my resolution to myself to buy stuff because I actually want it.

I found the Gucci Interlocking G tights in black. They sell out as soon as they reach the stores, so I was very lucky that I found them in my size! They are available on the Gucci website. Angela at the San Francisco boutique helped me locate the last pair in my size at the Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco. I also browsed around the store and she was great! I definitely will be shopping with her again soon!

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