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YSL Medium Kate Bag: Thoughts!

I was happy enough to finally decide on a bag for my birthday. Even though I want this bag is many different colors, I was finally able to decide on the color I was eyeing the longest, the all black bag. I have been wanting an all black bag forever, I decided to go with this color as it is a good neutral bag to start with and I can wear it with my gold and silver hardware jewelry.

First thoughts on the bag:

Pros: I love how I can fit all of my essentials in my bag, I generally carry a lipstick, a portable charger, a phone wire, a card case, blotting papers and a travel sized perfume. It's perfect for when I need a little more room in my bag and when my Gucci Super Mini won't cut it. I also love the color, because it generally goes with most of my wardrobe. This is my first black bag, and I definitely have been needing one, as I generally go for more bags with color!

Cons: I had worn the bag out once (carefully), and by the time I was home, I noticed the logo had already scratched. I have noticed I have to be careful with how I treat the leather as it got a little rain on it once, and the spots stayed on the bag till it dried.

I have also loved taking this bag with me on my trips to Disney, but because my bag usually has a bunch of room left over from my essentials, I end up holding some stuff for my siblings as well!

While it's been about two months so far with me using the bag, I will update more on how the bag is holding and add to the pros and cons list as needed!

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