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Top 5 Tips To Plan Your Vacation

It is always so much fun planning for your vacation. Whether you are a planner like me (I plan my trips months in advance) or plan last minute, these tips will help make your trip a little easier.

1. Make A List Of Places You Want To Visit

I like to start out making a list of places I want to visit. I divide my list into places I definitely need to go, and places I wouldn't mind missing. This helps narrow down your list and makes sure you cover stuff you actually want to do when you are visiting.

2. Plan Days Around Locations

I generally like to plan a day around the location I want to be at. If I know there are a few places in the same area I want to go to, I usually plan them for the same day. It helps in planning out your day so that you are able to do more with the time you have rather than using that time in travelling back and forth within the city.

3. Have A List Of Restaurants Prepared

It is great to have a list of restaurants ready so you know what is around you, but it gives you the flexibility for feeling out your mood that day. I generally make a list of restaurants based of the locations we would be visiting that day to know what is in the area. Yelp is always great to find amazing places to eat around the area you are, especially local businesses. You can also go to Instagram and type in "name of the city" + "eats" and find instagrammable places to eat.

4. Check The Weather!

Make sure to check the weather for the city you plan on going to. It is so important because you do not want to be under-prepared for the weather. Also, it is great because you can usually plan when you would want to do your trip based on what the weather will be there if there is a particular season you want to be there during.

5. Plan Your Outfits

I think this is important because it will save you so much time when you are getting ready, especially if you are indecisive. Also, this helps a lot with when you are packing, because you would know exactly what you would need to take, especially in regards to accessories and shoes. It definitely is a hassle taking your whole closet on a trip.

These tips are great to use because it saves so much time and it's easier to enjoy your vacation without stressing about your plans or packing your outfits. We don't realize how much of our trip goes towards these things if we are unprepared. Comment below if you have some tips on planning trips.

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