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Tips On Choosing A Louis Vuitton Agenda

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I have been so excited about finally getting the Louis Vuitton Large Agenda Cover in Monogram. It has been on my wishlist for years! You can check my unboxing video on my previous blog post or on my Youtube channel. It is a great piece to own and cherish as you can change out the inserts and use this Agenda Cover forever.

I enjoyed going to the Louis Vuitton store to see the agendas and the different sizes in person and also have the opportunity to compare which finish and size I wanted for my planner. I knew I wanted a Large Agenda cover because I usually run out of space to write when I use small planners. It was hard to decide which pattern and color I wanted for my planner as I want to get the passport cover in a few months, so I wanted to see which finish I would use more and which one felt more like me.

I ended up deciding on the LV monogram because I love how classic it is. I got mine personalized by getting my initials hot stamped on it. You are able to choose which color you would want for the hot stamp which I think gives a great personal touch.

As the agenda cover was not available in stores, I had to try and order in store. Due to a mishap with the shipping, my order was cancelled. But, I was able to purchase this planner with the help of the Neiman Marcus VIP. One of the personal stylists, Tamarah was able to help me with my purchase and kept me informed of each step along the way. If you are not using NMVIP, I would highly suggest enrolling, as it makes your shopping experience a lot better.

I got my planner inserts from Etsy from the store Minted Sugar. The shop has different sizes for the inserts available for the different Louis Vuitton agenda sizes. They also have different color options like pink, gray, white, or marble. I ended up choosing the marble color for my planner. You are also able to choose what type of layout you want. I have shared the link below for the inserts that I chose.

If you are planning on getting an agenda cover from Louis Vuitton, I would definitely suggest going in store and looking at it. It makes such a difference seeing the different sizes and designs, and makes it easier to make the decision you want to make.

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