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My Skincare Travel Essentials

I know that packing skincare for a trip is always challenging as you can't forget any necessities, but don't want to overpack. It is important to consider the flight as well so that your skin feel ready for your trip and make sure that it doesn't feel dry due to being in a plane. So here are some of my favorite products to take on the plane with me.

Skincare is a must for me when I travel, especially on long flights. I love to take eye masks, a little face cream, cleansing wipes, lip balm. These are life savers for me. My skin gets very dry in the plane so its important to make sure you have lotion as well.

The eye masks I love to use are the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Masks. They're so cute to use and work wonders. It definitely helps makes my eyes not puffy. I also keep a little face towel in my bag, put ice in it and dab around the eye sockets for depuffing.

The face cream I use is Tatcha Water Cream. I swear by this moisturizer as it is the only one that has suited my skin. It is light, doesn't make your skin feel sticky and doesn't feel heavy on your skin.

I love to use my lip mask when I am on my flight because it keeps my lips moisturized throughout the flight. I use the Farsali Hydrating Lip Mask. It is a definite to have on a flight because of how dry the air is when you are in the plane, and if your lips get as chapped as mine, you definitely need them.

You can also take a hydrating sheet face mask with you and use it while you are on the flight or when you get to your hotel at your vacation spot. I love using the Sephora sheet masks in Aloe Vera and the Sephora Freezing Mask for this.

I also try to make sure I drink a lot of water while I am in the flight. I love having champagne or soda but those drinks cause dehydration. So, I make sure I get water with lemon or sparkling water with lemon so that I can stay hydrated throughout the flight.

Comment below and let me know which products you love taking on your trips with you.

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