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Miami Haul!- December 2018

While I wasn't planning a haul in Miami as I had just gotten myself a bag for my birthday (See Birthday haul), I could not resist when I got to Miami Design District. Miami Design District is just one of those places that I could live in and never want to leave! I did go into a few stores and see stuff that I liked, but I knew I would be leaving with something from Dior. I have been obsessed with Dior and just love their stuff. It is so classy and chic. I was also in love with their holiday packaging, which feature "Lucky Animals" from their Toile de Jouy collection.

I ended up leaving Dior with a beautiful Diorama wallet on chain. It is black leather with champagne gold hardware. The champagne gold hardware is such a delicate color that compliments everything! I also bought two notebooks from the Toile de Jouy collection.

I also saw some other goodies while in store, including the new Friendship bracelet sets. While I find the colors very cute, I was not totally in love with them. I only have one pair for now, but they definitely do add something different to your wrist game. They can be worn together or separately, giving you 3 different looks.

I did get to see a beautiful Diorama all black wallet on chain which I definitely want to add to my collection this year if I can. It is super cute and versatile, and can add an edgy vibe to any look. They also had beautiful fine jewelry. The Rose Dior Pré Catelan Necklace was one of my favorite pieces that they had on display. It is super delicate piece and is intricate in design. There are also different gifts that can be purchased like the notebooks I got, stuffed animals, and candles from the Toile de Jouy collection. I did LOVE the candle, but couldn't get myself to spend $350 for a candle.

Overall, it was a great trip to Miami, and hopefully when I go back, I will be able to add more things to my collection!

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