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Exploring the San Francisco Food Scene

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

San Francisco has so many different restaurants, and these are some of my favorite places to eat. You definitely need to add them on your list if you're visiting the Golden City.

Dandelion Chocolate

I found Dandelion chocolate on Instagram and was so excited to try some of their hot chocolates and treats that they have. We had the Brownie Flight, S'mores, American Hot Chocolate, and the European Hot Chocolate. Everything was amazing and it is definitely a place to try out.

Mr. Holmes Bakeshop

This is a place that definitely has to be a stop on your list. It is best to go early because they sell out very fast. We went there the first time at 12:30 pm and they were already closed because they sold out. So, we had to go back the next day at opening time to make sure we got some food. I tried the Bacon Cheddar Jalanpeno Danish and the Cheesecake Creme Brûlée Danish and they were amazing. The cromuffins are available after 9 AM, and there was already a line outside of people waiting for them. There isn't really any place to sit, but there is a small table against the window where you can stand and eat.

Fog Harbor Fish House

My best friend (instagram gagan.pdf) found this restaurant and it is one of the top rated restaurants in San Francisco. We didn't make a reservation, but I highly recommend that you do. We waited for an hour to get a table. The food was great, I had the lobster roll and that was the most fresh lobster I have ever had. It was not an overpowering seafood taste which I generally hate. Also, make sure to ask for a window table to look over the wharf while you eat.

In and Out

In and Out is a California classic. This had to make the list. Their menu is fairly simple and their food is amazing. I had the Animal Style cheeseburger, Animal fries and a chocolate milkshake. For vegetarians, you can ask for a grilled cheese (with animal style if that is what you like).

Fino Bar and Ristorante

This restaurant was not on the list originally but we all last minute decided that we wanted Italian food one night. It was a 5 minute walk from our hotel and I am so glad we decided on it. The food was enjoyable. The restaurant is not that big and was very cute. It is a definite if you are in the mood for Italian food while you are in the city.

I am so excited to try more places in the Bay Area and to be able to write more posts on the amazing food it has to offer!

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