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Experience at Laduree DC

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

For all of you that have been following my page, you know that I LOVE Laduree. Unfortunately where I live, there aren't any. So, I always make sure to stop by one if I know I am going to be in a city that has a Laduree.

I had the chance of going to this Laduree twice, and it was great. The food was awesome (as expected), and the service was amazing.

Anytime I go to Laduree, I try to get different things on their menu, but I always get the Rose Latte when I am there. I actually had both the hot rose latte and the cold rose latte. They both were very good, and is definitely something I would recommend to try when you're there.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict and Isphan French Toast. I am generally picky about my Eggs Benedict, because it is my favorite brunch food, and it was great. The Isphan french toast is what was very different as I have not had anything like this before. It is a french toast with raspberries, lychee, crushed macarons and rose ice cream on top. The flavors were perfect together. This is definitely a dish you need to try.

I would definitely recommend the food at Laduree. If you have the chance to stop by one that has a restaurant, definitely try some of their food. They also may have some seasonal specials depending on the time you go. Their restaurants are also very Instagrammable, so you know you will get some amazing pictures while you are in. Comment below if you have a favorite dish at Laduree, or if you haven't been, which dish you would like to try!

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