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Disney Accessories

Living in Orlando, there is one place I always am (other than shopping at the mall), that is Disney!

This post is going to be on some of the accessories I generally wear to the park, and how to look Disney while keeping it designer chic.

A small bag is ideal when going through long wait lines and crowded areas.

One of the things I would always recommend is carrying a small bag when you go to parks! I usually carry the basics in my bag: my card case, cash, lipstick, and blotting papers (these are a must from my skin getting super oily from standing outside all day).

I usually take my Prada Wallet on Chain or my Gucci Marmont Super Mini, which I have been reaching for the last few times I have been to the parks. Small purses are a lot easier to fit on rides, and if you're going on a water ride, you can just stick it in a backpack (if you are carrying one), or just stick it in the pouches in front of you so they don't get wet!


One of my biggest addictions to anything Disney is Pandora bracelets! Their charms are so cute and I love how you can customize them to how you want! I have 3 Disney Pandora bracelets so far, and may add a 4th one soon! I definitely love how they look with my Magicband. Definitely gives a Disney look to whatever you are wearing! My favorite charms from my collection right now is the Annual Passholder charm, Cinderella's Carriage, and my two-tone Mickey and Minnie! I've designed my bracelet by different categories. I have a Cinderella bracelet, a Mickey and Minnie bracelet, and a Disney Parks exclusives bracelet. Disney Park exclusive charms are available throughout the 4 parks, and at the Pandora store in Disney Springs. (If you are a Annual Passholder, make sure you get your 10% off on all Pandora jewelry at Walt Disney World!)

Another great way to customize your Disney outfit is with beverage cozies! There are so many shops on Etsy to purchase custom Disney drink cozies from! I order mine from LNR Crochet Designs (@lnrcrochetdesigns on Instagram). I love how you can customize the design and the color you want! Be sure to plan ahead though, because it can take a few weeks for them to arrive! I love coordinating my outfits, and depending on what mood I am in, I choose my cozies accordingly!

Whether you are coming from far or live close to Disney, there is always planning that goes into your trip!

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