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Clarins Makeup Heroes Review

I was excited to receive the Clarins Makeup Heroes box from Influenster. I got a few goodies which I was excited to try out.

The box includes:

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

SOS Primer

Supra Volume Mascara

Natural Lip Perfector

Lip Comfort Oil

I tried these products out for 2 weeks and I love them. These products are great to create a no makeup look and gives for a radiant look.

The Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch cream helps in filling in fine line and wrinkles as a makeup base. It helps the skin feel suture smooth and is very light on application. I used this along with the SOS primer which was also in the box.

The Natural Lip Perfector is a product I was excited to try as I cannot live without my lip products. This was great to wear under my lipstick as it kept my lips moisturized and is great to use as a lip balm.

The Supra Volume Mascara is a great mascara. It definitely does add volume to your lashes. I usually double coat my lashes to add more volume and I would definitely recommend this mascara if you are looking to add volume to your lashes.

The Lip Comfort Oil is something I need to add onto my everyday products. It has the flavor of raspberry and a great applicator which makes it easy to apply. The color also gives the lips a little tint and works great with the Natural Lip Perfector.

Lastly, is the SOS primer. I love primers and am always looking to add more primers to my collection. I loved how light this primer felt and would definitely add this to my rotation. I used this product with the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.

I love being able to try different products with Influenster. You can go on their app and start reviewing products now! You can fill out a survey which asks you about your interests and they are able to narrow down which products would be good for you to try.

Check out their products and the Makeup Heroes at:

Comment below and tell me what you want me to cover next!

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