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5 Tips On How To Decide What To Buy Off Your Wishlist?

Updated: May 13, 2020

So as you know, I think it's important to make a wish list and keep updating it throughout the year. But when you have a few items in mind to buy, how do you decide which item you want to buy first?

Here are some tips of what I recommend when you are trying to decide what you should get off your wish list.

1. Check your wishlist each month to see if you still want an item.

Sometimes, you may add something to a wishlist you think you may want, but the more you think about it, you end up not wanting it. This is an important step because it keeps your list up to date and takes off items you know you don't want. I usually use this time to add and take off anything I want, and mark off stuff I have already gotten so I know where I am on my list.

2. Prioritize!

Is there an item you know you want for a specific event or a specific time of year? It is easier to when to buy something if you have an idea of when you want to wear it. If you like to write your wishlist like me, you can always star which items you know you would want first off your wishlist.

3. Is it hard to get or limited edition?

If there are any items that are hard to get or limited edition and you are getting the option to get it? An item like that should be towards the top of your list if you know that is an item you definitely want. I usually start to look for something when I am ready to buy it and get it as soon as I find it to make sure I am ready to get it as soon as I find it. When an item is hard to find, it is definitely in demand, so if you find it, you have to be ready.

4. How long have you wanted it?

It is also important to see how long an item has been on your wish list. I have missed out on items as they were discontinued and I did not get them in time. Items like this are important to keep higher up on your wish list.

5. Is it readily available or can be ordered?

If the product is readily available if you go into a boutique, you can put that item on the lower part of your wish list. Generally, if it is readily available, you can get it whenever you need.

In the end, sometimes you know when its the right time to buy something you have been wanting. If it's something you know you will use for a while, or know there is a specific event coming up that you would love to wear something at. Comment below and tell me some ideas you use when you think about your wish list.

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